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Cyclecraft, published by The Stationery Office, is the definitive guide to safe and enjoyable cycling for both adults and children. Whether you are new to cycling, looking to extend your skills, or wanting to know how best to teach your children to cycle, Cyclecraft offers practical advice on how to ride a bike confidently and safely in modern traffic conditions.

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Cyclecraft is the principal reference for the National Cycle Training Standard in the UK and the basis for training programs in an increasing number of other countries. This North American edition of Cyclecraft has been specially adapted to reflect conditions, laws and best practice in the United States and Canada.

The author of Cyclecraft, John Franklin, is a consultant and registered Expert Witness on cycling skills and safety and was a member of the government working group that set up the UK National Standard.

Endorsement by the League of American Bicyclists

“The League of American Bicyclists provides the national standard in tra c safety education for cyclists through the Smart Cycling program. The Cyclecraft book is a powerful add-on to the Smart Cycling program materials and should be on your shelf.”

Endorsement by the Canadian Cycling Association

“The Canadian Cycling Association’s CAN-BIKE cycling safety program provides a nationally standardized set of courses suitable for all cyclists. Cyclecraft provides valuable advice that will benefi t everyone. The CCA and its CAN-BIKE instructors recommend this book as essential reading for every cyclist.”

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